Solar PV for Farms

Power your Farm with Solar Electricity

Solar PV electricity is one of the world’s most reliable forms of renewable energy and it is gaining popularity in the agricultural sector in Ireland. Solar PV (Photovoltaic) is the process of converting energy from daylight into electricity.  It is a very cost-effective method of self-generating electricity for all your farm needs. This coupled with grants/schemes available, makes Solar PV a smart investment for farm families wishing to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions.

Benefits for your Farm

  • Significantly reduce your electricity bills
  • Attractive grant options available
  • Sell your excess power to the grid (Microgeneration Scheme)
  • Payback period as low as 4-7 years 
  • Battery systems available
  • Protect against carbon tax
  • Low maintenance/predicable output

Is now the time to consider Solar PV?

Where your farm’s electricity requirements are high, solar PV systems can provide an opportunity to reduce costs. Read Article by Stephen Robb, Irish Farmers Journal

Next Steps

John Moynihan at JM Energy has been saving money for the farming community throughout Ireland since 2008. If you are considering Solar PV for your farm and would like to discuss your options, call John on 086 374 2260 or visit JM Energy Savings.

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